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April 13, 2020 - 5:30 - GGSCT Dinner Meeting 

*** The status of this meeting is unknown at this time.  A Webex, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Goto Meeting type format may take the place of a dinner meeting.  Please stand by


Speaker: Graham Howarth, Technical Director, Arropol Chemicals, 1815 S Hamilton Street, Dalton, GA 30720


Title:  Using recovered carpet from California landfill to make useful CASE application materials


Abstract: The world is moving on and recovering and recycling or use of renewable raw materials is becoming more fashionable especially in California and Europe. A key raw material for Carpet is PET polyester. Virtually all post-consumer/industrial carpet has gone into landfill. The state of California imposes a tax on this. This presentation gives a view of past, present and future technology to recover carpet and turn it into useful CASE application raw materials. Some brief chemistry and manufacturing as well as the recovery process is discussed. Examples of the design of various products made from this material will be presented.  Modification of these systems to produce hybrids is also discussed. A brief discussion will also take place on other polyurethane and epoxy chemistry products.


Bio: Graham A. Howarth graduated with Majors in Chemistry and Material Science and Engineering and minors in Technology and mathematics. He also has a Master of Science and Diploma in “The Corrosion of Engineering Materials” from Imperial College London and awarded student of the year prize. His thesis subject was “The design of Waterbased Epoxy and High Solids PU/Oxazolidine Coatings for corrosion protection”. He has been a guest lecturer there on the MS course. He is a Chartered Scientist, Chartered Chemist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a Technical Editor of JCT+R and a member of the Editorial Management Board. After 9 years at Akzo Nobel Coatings, 11 years at Industrial Copolymers and two years at Tetrosyl Automotive Coatings, he moved to the USA in 2000 and spent 10 years at Arnette Polymers and a year at Cornerstone Flooring and then 6 years at Dayton Superior Corporation. He now works for Arropol Chemicals in Dalton, GA. He has written numerous journal articles and given presentations and seminars around the world.


May 11, 2020 - 5:30 - GGSCT Meeting

*** The status of this meeting is unknown at this time.  A Webex, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Goto Meeting type format may take the place of a dinner meeting.  This will not be an in person meeting at this time.  Please stand by


Speaker: Scott Brown, Lonza


Title: A New Approach for Preventing the Microbial Defacement of Coated Surfaces


Abstract: In today’s globalized coatings market there is free movement of raw materials and technology across international borders. This globalization has provided benefits, however as global supply chains become interconnected and interdependent there is greater potential for disruption from regional regulatory changes. While these can affect any raw material, antimicrobials (biocides) pose a unique challenge to formulators, as they are often subject to obscure regulatory provisions.


Microbial defacement represents a risk and a potential expense for manufacturers of any material susceptible to microbial defacement in the dry state. This paper describes a novel formulation approach used to create a more multi-functional dry film preservative system for use in coatings, adhesives, sealants, and other construction materials. This innovative approach provides a broad-spectrum protection system, with the additional benefit of being more robust against future regulatory changes. Supporting data and examples are provided from regions where this new technology has already been commercialized.


Bio: Scott Brown leads Lonza’s Materials Protection Global Applications Technology group. This group is responsible for providing applications support for existing biocide products of the Materials Protection business, and for guiding the development effort for new biocide products.


Company Name: Lonza

Speaker's Email and Phone Number: 678-624-5838


June 2, 2020 - GGSCT Night at the Ballgame - Come join us for the 30th Annual Night at the Ballgame for the Oakland A's v. the Detroit Tigers. There will be Free Parking and we will be in the Connie Mack space this year, an indoor / outdoor venue near the West Side Club. Tickets will be $50 this year. We have a minimum of 40 tickets and a hard maximum of 50 tickets. Contact Phil Avery at if you want to get in early.

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August 21, 2020 - GGSCT / TCR Old Timers Luncheon


Come join us for the Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology Old Timers Luncheon Sponsored by TCR Industries


When: Friday, August 21st, 2020, 11:30 a.m.


Where: Scotts Seafood Restaurant, #2 Broadway, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 444-3456


Cost: Retirees and their spouses are free courtesy of Tony Rumfola and TCR Industries. For the rest of you come and enjoy. $60 per person includes:


Salad: Spring Mixed Salad - Watercress and Endive, Sautéed Apples, Blue Cheese, Toasted Pecans, Golden Raisins with Cranberry Orange Vinaigrette


Entrée 1: Salmon Alla Bella Dipped in an Egg and Parmesan Batter with a Lemon-Caper Butter Sauce


Entrée 2: Chicken Breast & Wild Mushroom Piccata with Shiitake Mushrooms, Wine, Garlic, Capers & Demi-Glace


Entrée 3: Wild Mushroom Ravioli - Portobello Cream Sauce


Dessert: Chef’s Specialty Cheesecake - White Chocolate Cheesecake, Oreo Cookie Crusted, & Chocolate Shavings


All entrees are served with Sourdough Roll & Sweet Cream Butter, Side Dishes, and Peerless European Royale Coffee


And of course, since we are the GGSCT, there will be a bar


Please RSVP to Phil Avery at or (925) 698-1514 by Monday, August 3rd with your entrée choice. Please pay Linda Hoselton at the door or by PayPal below


Thank you, Tony Rumfola!

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September 21, 2020 - 5:30 - GGSCT Dinner Meeting - Place & Speaker TBA


October 19, 2020 - 5:30 - GGSCT Dinner Meeting - Place & Speaker TBA


October 20 - 23, 2020 - PNWSCT - Northwest Coatings Fest - Sun River, OR -


November 16, 2020 - 5:30 - GGSCT Dinner Meeting -

Place & Speaker TBA

December 2020 - GGSCT Christmas Party - Details to follow

September 17, 2022 - GGSCT 100th Birthday Party Gala - Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details.  

Western Coatings Symposium

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October 17 - 20, 2021 - Paris, LV

October 15 - 18, 2023 - Paris, LV

October 19 - 22, 2025 - Paris, LV

January 2019 - Past Event - The presentation was from Natália Lopes of the Ashland Specialty Ingredients Group on Thickeners - a Thickeners 101 Talk

Past Events
January 2019 - Past Event - Presentations from the Half Day Seminar

November 2019 - Past Event - The presentation was from Emmanuel Durant of Tolsa on Rheological Clays

January 2019 - Past Event - The presentation was from Greg Monaghen of Specialty Polymers on Metal Adhesion and Corrosion Resistance of Coatings

October 2018 - Past Event - The presentation was from Vinvil on vinyl versatate copolymer emulsions

October 2018 - Past Event - Please review the presentation from Bishop Hammack of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and first recipient of the recently renamed Marnie Hartman Scholarship.  The GGSCT generously sponsored this research through our scholarship program.

September 2018 - Past Event - The presentation was from Rusil on Waterproofing Concrete

March 2018 - Past Event - The presentation was from Thom Debroski of Specialty Minerals on the various minerals used in paints. 

November 2017 - Past Event - The presentation was from John Dockery of Trinseo on Elastomeric Roof Coatings using Styrene Butadiene as a water proofing Primer and Styrene Acrylic as a  Reflective Top coat

April 2017 - Past Event - The presentation was from Mark Diaz of Hexion on the Evolution of Waterborne Epoxy Resins with respect to performance and VOC compliance

March 2017 – Past Event - The presentation was from Stuart Lipskin of BYK on the right order of evaluation for the optimization of coatings.  His presentation can be found here.  

October 2016 - Past Event - The presentation from the California Paint Council can be found here