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There are many benefits to joining GGSCT!

Benefits include:

  • Technical Dinner Meetings - hosted by the GGSCT

  • Social Events

    • Baseball Game​

    • Old Timers Lunch

    • Holiday Lunch

  • Scholarships

    • Students attending college

    • Coatings industry participants currently employed in the industry who are members of the Society or dependents of members

    • Coatings industry participants attending short courses - tuition only

  • Exposure to the Coatings Industry

  • Discounted Admission to the Western Coatings Symposium

  • Dues are just $50 per year for Active Members and Educator Members by check or cash, $52 by PayPal below

  • Dues are just $10 per year for Student Members and Retired Members by check or cash or by $12 by PayPal below

Pay your active membership dues here:
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Pay your student membership dues here:
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  • PresidentPhilip Avery

  • Secretary:  Lisa Hoselton

  • Treasurer:  Linda Hoselton


  • Membership:  Linda Hoselton

  • Scholarship / Education:  

  • Society Liaison:  Linda Hoselton

  • Steering / By-Laws:  Hal Harlan III

  • WCS Liaisons: Babette Turk

  • Welfare:  Cynthia Johnson

  • Website:  Lisa Hoselton

Active Members:
  • Jack Anderson, Aervoe Industries

  • Philip Avery, United Mineral & Chemical

  • Brad Baumann, Barentz

  • Darren Bianchi, Brilliant Coatings

  • Angela Campbell, Oakland Paint Center

  • Shawn Campbell, Oakland Paint Center

  • David Carroll, RE Carroll Company

  • John Chang, Oakland Paint Center

  • Stephen Chang, Oakland Paint Center

  • Barbara Cheung, Oakland Paint Center

  • William Cheung, Oakland Paint Center

  • David Ciglar, Rust Bullet, LLC

  • Eric Colwitz, WPC Technologies

  • Beth Cutler, Oakland Paint Center

  • David Duenwald, Ishihara

  • Emmanuel Durant, Valdera

  • Esaul Esquivel, California Concrete Overlay

  • Adam Erlandson, Vinavil Americas

  • Tim Ewton, Dowd & Guild

  • Chris Finke, Aervoe Industries

  • Hal Harlan III, HRH Consulting

  • John Harrell, Breckenridge Technologies

  • Maclean Hess, Rugged Coatings

  • Linda Hoselton, Dorsett & Jackson

  • Lisa Hoselton, Integrity Canine Academy 

  • Wade Hutchins, Dura

  • Roger Kai, Oakland Paint Center

  • Patrick Kelly, Dowd & Guild Inc.

  • Imran Khan, Kuwait Paint Co.

  • Anthony Klein, WPC Technologies

  • Harue Lampert, Oakland Paint Center

  • Richard Letasi – Taiyo America

  • Mike Levine, Just Liquid Coatings

  • Tina Li, Oakland Paint Center

  • Eric Linak, IHS Technology

  • Oscar Luengo, LeChat Nails

  • Keetra Muana, WPC Technologies

  • Adam Nikolaus, WPC Technologies

  • George O'Hanlon, Natural Pigments LLC

  • Alexander Okrut, Acuren Inspection, Inc.

  • Katie Pangersis, WPC Technologies

  • Dave Phillips, P&S Sales

  • Doug Quinn, Tri-iso

  • George Ross – TCR Industries

  • Greg Riecks, Preserva Products

  • Nikolai Safavi, PT Mowilex

  • Timothy Simpson, Neptune Coating

  • Bruce Sohrabi, Stiles Paint Mfg., Inc.

  • Clint Sohrabi, Stiles Paint Mfg., Inc.

  • Eric Sorensen, Ponderosa Paint Co.

  • Brent St. John, WPC Technologies

  • Stacey Stottsberry, WPC Technologies

  • Brian Turk, Turk International

  • Babette Turk, Turk International

  • Arlen Williams Jr, Contract Coatings

  • Todd Wirdzek, Kelly-Moore

  • Ted Wursta, Prefere Melamines

Retired Members:
  • James Calkin

  • John Davis

  • Melinda Forbes

  • Mark Granados

  • Fred Honeck

  • Cynthia Johnson

  • Shirley Lipscomb

  • Way Lin

  • Nick Motto

  • Dominic Ng

  • Don Nolte

  • Tina Onderbeke

  • Thomas Rasmussen

  • Ken Rice

  • Julian Schafer

  • Tim Specht

  • Patricia Shaw

  • Patricia Tostenson

Student Members:
  • Caroline Allman, Cal Poly SLO

  • Krystna Allman, Cal Poly SLO

  • Soroush Armomandi, Cal Poly SLO

  • Cameron Causey, Cal Poly SLO

  • Jachin ClarkeCal Poly SLO

  • Kevin Ginn, Cal Poly SLO

  • Claudia Haines, Cal Poly SLO

  • Kyle Hoff, Cal Poly SLO

  • Isabel Lambert, Cal Poly SLO

  • Miguel Flores Martinez, Cal Poly SLO

  • Lia Roccucci, Cal Poly SLO

  • Amanda Tsai, Cal Poly SLO

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