Scholarship funds are available for tuition only for either students attending college or for coatings industry participants attending short courses.



  • Coatings Industry Participants – Industry participants who are currently employed in the coatings industry and who are members of the Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology may apply for tuition for short courses or for tuition for college for continuing education. 

  • College Students – Current college students or high school students about to attend college who are either student members of the Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology or who are dependents of members of the GGSCT may apply for tuition for college. 


Preference will be given to industry applicants and their dependents who are currently active in GGSCT meetings and volunteerism.


Applicants must submit the following:

  • 1. All Applicants - Official application form with a declaration of either a vocational interest or a current occupation that is viable to the coatings industry.

  • 2. Students Entering College - official copies (no photocopies) of high school transcripts showing grades of all classes attended in all schools.

  • 3. Current College Students - In addition to Requirement 2, submit transcripts of grades for all college classes taken to date.

  • 4. All Students - A letter of 200-300 words describing past school and extracurricular activities, past work experience, and future career plans.

  • 5. Coatings Industry Participants - A letter of 100-200 words describing why they want to take the short course.


  • Short course applications are accepted throughout the year.

  • College scholarship applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted no later than September 15th, 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year.


The Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology offers an annual student research scholarship to a student enrolled at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the Paint and Coatings program.  


In 2016 this award was renamed to the Golden Gate Society for Coatings Technology Margaret Hartmann Scholarship.


The student recipient is required to give a presentation both to the GGSCT at the September dinner meeting and at the Western Coatings Symposium during years when there is a symposium.    

For more information about this scholarship, please email Tim Specht at


      Student Recipients

  • Kyle Avery - Aerospace Engineering - University of California San Diego

  • Kaylee Campbell - Nursing - Cypress College 

  • Bryce Harrell - Computer Science - University of California Berkeley

  • Brendan Posson - Masters in Paint and Coatings - California State University, San Luis Obispo

  • Sawyeh Sohrabi - Occupational Therapy - St. Augustine for Health Sciences

  • Shawhien Sohrabi - Computer Science - South Seattle College

  • Tieran K Still - Law Student - Georgetown University

  • Bailey Wirdzek - Education - University of North Texas

       Member Recipient

  • Emmanuel Durant - Accushield - MBA - University of Northwestern Ohio

       Marnie Hartmann Recipients

  • Alison Chew - Senior in Materials Engineering BS program - Morphology control and colloidal stability of COF-300 with Dr. Leslie Hamachi

  • Madeleine Schleinitz - Junior in Biochemistry BS program - Nanocellulose/ZnO hybrid coatings of packaging materials with Dr. Shanju Zhang

  • Philip Smith - Senior in Biochemistry BS program - Structure-formulation-property relationships for defining and quantifying VOCs with Dr. Erik Sapper

       Tony Rumfola one time Scholarship Recipient

  • Lia Roccucci - Junior in Chemistry BS program - Synereses, bridging flocculation, and rheology correlations in latex-HEUR- surfactant compositions with Dr. Ray Fernando